Jaina Proudmoore down!

Finally after 600 wipes we have become the Hero's of Dazar'Alor!! unfortunately not getting realm 20 but we have gone up by a massive 1000 world ranks and we couldn't be happier to see this much growth!

Stormwall Blockade down!

Stormwall was downed only 3 raid days after Mekkatorque, the disparity in difficulty between the two bosses was quite frankly really surprising! will we get realm 20?

High Tinker Mekkatorque down!

After a lot of time comparatively to the previous bosses we have finally got the gnome down! After a sub 1% pull we went on for another night of progress resulting in the kill!

King Rastakhan down!

Another day another boss! All of the officers are seriously proud of the leaps and bounds we are making as a guild, it is only upwards and onward from here.

Conclave of the Chosen down!

Mithra is back! After a lot of upset and high tensions we have killed the conclave before the officers were planning, putting our progress further ahead than expected. Good job team!

Opulence down!

After a regrettable amount of pulls we have finally downed the golden boi. Unfortunately I wasn't in for the kill so have a picture of this duck instead.

Jadefire Masters down!

Team Covenant killed the Jadefire Masters, leaving them 3/9 in the first week. All of us officers are very happy with the progress we have made as a guild when compared to Uldir.

G'huun down!

Team Covenant killed G'huun earning the cutting edge achievement for the tier! We experienced a lot of set backs this tier and were worried this may not actually happen. We would like to thank everyone who has persevered and believed in Mithra. We will smash Dazar'alor!


Mythrax the Unraveler down!

Team Covenant killed Mythrax the Unraveler on Mythic difficulty! Cutting edge is in sight!


Zul, Reborn down!

Team Covenant killed Zul, Reborn on Mythic difficulty with 5 rogues!!


Website in new hands!

The website has moved from Shingadwyin's hands as she steps down from her officer role and is now part of Haazeey's duties.

Thank you Shinga for all your hard work in making this site a possibility. We know you slaved over this for many hours, and we appreciate all this hard work you spent on making this guild seem slightly more professional. 

Fetid Devourer down!

Team Covenant killed Fetid Devourer on Mythic difficulty.


Vectis down!

Team Covenant killed Vectis on Mythic difficulty.


Zek'voz down!

Team Covenant killed Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth on Mythic difficulty.


Mother down!

Team Covenant killed Mother on Mythic difficulty.


Taloc down, G'huun (HC) down!

Team Covenant killed Taloc on Mythic difficulty and G'huun on Heroic difficulty.

The team forgot to take a screenshot of both kills. 

no image.PNG

Argus the Unmaker down!

Mithra killed Argus the Unmaker on Mythic difficulty before the BFA pre-patch, earning the Cutting Edge achievement. While the kill was done with mere hours to spare before the end of Legion, we are proud to have fully completed our first tier as a Mythic raiding guild.

Mithra Website is a-go!

A miracle has occurred, Mithra has an official website.

Aggramar down!

A miracle has occurred, Mithra has killed Aggramar and is officially 10/11 M in Antorus.

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